What we do

Our Services

We take great pleasure in introducing our company as the one engaged in providing holistic Engineering solutions for various industries and organizations. Broadly our activities cover the following aspects among the wide spectrum of engineering requirements of various Industries, Organisations, Individuals, Builders, and Govt. Departments etc.


Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to building a relationship with our customers where we become partners in fulfilling their mission. We strive to understand our customers' need and to deliver products and services that fulfill and exceed all their requirements.

Commitment to Total Quality

We are committed to continuous improvement of all our activities. We will supply products and services that conform to highest standards of design, manufacture, reliability, maintainability and fitness for use as desired by our customers.

Cost & Time Consciousness

We believe that our success depends on our ability to continually reduce the cost and shorten the delivery period of our products and services. We will achieve this by eliminating waste in all activities and continuously improving all processes in every area of our work.

Innovation & Creativity

We believe in striving for improvement in every activity involved in our business by pursuing and encouraging risk-taking, experimentation and learning at all levels within the company with a view to achieving excellence and competitiveness.

About Us

MONISH CONSTRUCTION was formed in the year 2000 by Mr.Mohan, a civil engineer, to meet the growing demand in the construction sector . The company has grown with good vision into reality. We are committed to design, develop, construct residential, commercial complexes and all types of buildings, we are able to work closely with the customer from the planning stage through occupancy, assuring the customers needs are fulfilled with pleasance.

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3/7, Kumaran Nagar,
NSN Palayam, Coimbatore - 31.
Contact : 0 96 55 87 17 40 / 97 90 61 82 64
Email : info@monishconstruction.com